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Brand : Rainforest Allience Certified

The Rainforest Alliance works with the farmers on the front lines of the global movement to build food security through sustainable agriculture. They train farmers in some of the world's most vulnerable landscapes to farm in a way that conserves forests, protects streams and rivers, nurtures soil health, and boosts crop yields. Teapigs are members of The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP); a not for profit organisation working to improve tea sustainability, the lives and livelihoods of tea workers and smallholder farmers, and the environment in which tea is produced. May of the teas we stock and supply for you hasve the green frog seal of approval/ Frogs are indicator species, meaning that they are a symbol of environmental health, and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. The green frog certification seal indicates that a farm, forest, or tourism enterprise has been audited to meet standards that require environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Thousands of products bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal are found on shelves, in advertisements, and websites around the world. The little green frog is a symbol of environmental, social, and economic sustainability and can be found on farm and forest products around the world. Find Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products available Here!

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