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As the leading association for the hydration industry, it is the single point of reference for those who require and supply hydration solutions. The WHA provides information, training, guidance and regulations that are implemented, audited and enforced ensuring quality and sustainability of the services offered by our Members to their customers. The WHA promotes innovation in recognition of the Industry’s environmental responsibilities and compliance with the UK and European legislation, giving our Members a distinct point of difference in the hydration marketplace. The WHA is the largest water cooler and dispenser association in Europe. As a progressive association we now support a growing industry wide membership. The association is run on an inclusive basis with practical standards, training requirements and audits. No matter what the size of your company if you are willing to undertake the process we will accept an application Our objectives are to assist our members in delivering the best drinking water solutions to their customers and help them achieve the highest standards possible. The role of our trade association is to set standards around the quality of training, installation, hygiene, equipment, service provision, water quality and general maintenance. In these areas we are very focused on providing members with clear standards that ensure the health of the user is always placed at the centre of each standard and procedure. All members of the association are bound by its Bylaws and the Code of Advertising and Conduct. The Executive Council members are elected by the membership and must represent a cross section of that membership. The Executive Council elect the principle officers, Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer, and Committee Chairmen as designated. The Executive Council meets a minimum of four times a year. To achieve the aims and objectives of the association a number of committees have been established. They include. The Technical, the membership and the Audit and Training Committee. WHA Aims to: •Set and maintain the highest standards for hygiene through training and advice. •Promote adherence to ethical, professional and legal practices. •Serve as the authoritative source for information concerning our industry. •Facilitate the exchange of best practice in technical, scientific and regulatory information between members and related bodies. •Work with Government and other agencies whose regulations effect industry standards. •Cooperate and discuss areas of mutual interest with other organisations. More Information: •Membership application process •WHA Training •The Executive •Executive Sub Committees •Click here to download the Membership Application Form

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